Rishon Lezion

We are excited to introduce our latest project: a store for Israel’s first distributor of Naterial, the world’s leading garden furniture brand.


Designed in line with the chain’s common identity, the store offers a huge selection of outdoor furniture on 1,000 square meters of space. Each department showcases a different type of furniture, creating a unique atmosphere and style. Departments have their own floors and walls, using different lighting and finishing materials to highlight the products.


Our team was hired by Naterial in Israel to replicate the design of their chain stores from other locations around the world. As always, we worked in close coordination with suppliers to complete the project on schedule, delivering professional time management, prompt installation and assembly, and teamwork. Our company has years of experience working with chain brands that require quality construction services.


We are a trusted building contractor for international retailers. We never let customers down!



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Yavne 11, Kfar Saba

all rights reserved   |  @2022 made with

Studio Yulia Orman 


Yavne 11 Kfar Saba

all rights reserved    |    @2022 made with Studio Yulia Orman 

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