Sarona Factory 54
Tel Aviv

We proudly present one of Best Work’s most impressive projects, the Factory-54 store branches!
How we start our work


This is a one-of-a-kind project in Israel, or for that matter, in the world. One of their flagship branches was built in one of Israel’s most beautiful places – Sarona historical center, in one of the structures managed by UNESCO, in the flesh. The work period for this project was set at 60 days. However, we managed to start and finish the job on the same day!
According to the construction requirements of this type of building, it is impossible to change the appearance or quality of the walls and bring in any weight exceeding 200 KG/Sqm. In fact, there are quite a few other parameters to consider. Therefore, Best Work’s professionals had to recalculate the weight of the furniture to meet these requirements. Moreover, many other significant construction adjustments had to be made. And yet, the emphasis was placed on the store’s uniqueness while considering the criteria above.

The project stages


Each detail was custom-made for this branch, in full collaboration with our Lithuanian partners, the excellent Meta Wood company. For example, you can see that each stand is composed of 500 stones glued together in the most delicate handicraft possible! When this work is done manually, attention is given to each stone. It is imperative to assemble, glue and combine materials with seamless, calculated precision. After a considerable amount of manhours, as you might imagine, the stands were constructed and became the result you see in front of you.

Project Delivery


Once the project ended, the client received a picture-perfect, accurate, beautiful and clean result. The team, of course, gave the most personal and professional service, and the client was super happy.

Yavne 11, Kfar Saba

all rights reserved   |  @2022 made with

Studio Yulia Orman 


Yavne 11, Kfar Saba

all rights reserved    |    @2022 made with Studio Yulia Orman 

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