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How do we start our work


The planning phase focuses on the scope of the project. Estimated working hours, costs...



Most of the Clalit HMO branches were designed, built and invested in by Best Work. It is one of our flagship projects, and the results speak for themselves. For example, as per the client’s specifications, significant resources were incorporated into one of the project’s branches in Ramle Gold Mall. Best Work pulled out the ‘Big Guns’ for the sake of this project, and the team united to accomplish this rather massive project. Among other things, heavy equipment was hoisted directly to the second floor, which significantly complicated the work process. It demanded extra professionalism, creating a work plan and special reorganization. To handle the situation, we’ve arranged for multilayered logistics, worked through the night, and our team pulled an ‘All-nighter’ to supervise it. Simultaneously, all other stages continued as planned, including the design and execution of flooring, wall-mounting, passages between rooms, etc.

Project handover


Thanks to Best Work’s dedicated, professional and capable team, including its ability to reorganize and redesign when encountering unexpected issues, the project was handed over on schedule. And here is the phenomenal result right before your eyes. The client is happy, which makes us happy, too.

Yavne 11, Kfar Saba

all rights reserved   |  @2022 made with

Studio Yulia Orman 


Yavne 11, Kfar Saba

all rights reserved    |    @2022 made with Studio Yulia Orman 

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