Dental Clinic
Ramat Gan

We are delighted to share our recent project: a dental clinic in the heart of Ramat Gan. This is an outstanding medical facility covering 280 square meters, with an original and elegant design. The walls and floors are covered with special tiles that have a shiny and wavy texture, creating a dynamic and modern look. Each of the rooms has its own technical features, such as electrical systems, wiring and piping to dental equipment. A crucial task in this project was to build lead lined walls in several X-ray rooms that protect patients from radiation.


The project was quite challenging in some aspects. Specifically, three-meter-long floor ceramic tiles had to be lifted to level 17 of a high-rise building. We completed the task on time and in full, investing a lot of time and effort in logistics and processes.


Our team, as always, met the customer’s expectations, delivering the project on schedule and at a high professional level. We are proud of our work that has won many returning customers over the years.


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Yavne 11, Kfar Saba

all rights reserved   |  @2022 made with

Studio Yulia Orman 


Yavne 11 Kfar Saba

all rights reserved    |    @2022 made with Studio Yulia Orman 

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